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#GenderHH is signing off

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A little over a year ago, we launched the Gender Happy Hour Twitter chat as a space for informal and fun – yet serious and relevant – discussions about gender equality. We felt that Twitter could provide a space for a community of gender specialists – and anyone generally interested in gender and feminist issues – to come together. We hoped this chat would fill that gap. We had many engaging, informative, and occasionally snarky chats.

However, #GenderHH did not grow organically like we had hoped it would. And so, we have decided to suspend it indefinitely. This website and all the resources on it will still be available.

If you – like us – are still interested in finding a way to build an online community for those who are regularly integrating a “gender lens” into their work and daily life, let us know, and we can brainstorm together.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of #GenderHH! It’s been fun.

In solidarity,

Lindsey Jones-Renaud

Sylvia Cabus

#GenderHH is off for the holidays

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We are skipping our #GenderHH chat for the month of December. We’ll be back January 18th!

#GenderHH Feminist Parenting Chat: Wed, Nov 16

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This month’s #GenderHH chat is something near and dear to my heart: feminist parenting. Save the date for Wednesday, November 16 at 8pm EST.

We have some awesome guest moderators joining us. More details coming soon!


— Lindsey

Next #GenderHH Chat: Transport & Urban Planning

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Let’s talk cities, buildings, buses, bridges… and gender.


How do men, women, boys and girls experience transportation and urban planning differently? What are some useful resources and research on these topics? Join the discussion on Twitter, Wednesday, October 19 at 8pm ET, using hashtag #GenderHH.

#GenderHH: Upcoming Topics

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Thanks to all who joined us for our #GenderHH anniversary chat earlier this month! There’s no Storify this time, but we did come up with this list of (potential) topics for future #GenderHH chats:

  • Feminist parenting, tentatively planned for Wednesday, October 19
  • Minimum standards for gender integration in development and humanitarian aid programs, in collaboration with the Gender Practitioner Collaborative
  • Intersectional feminism (looking for a guest co-hosts for this one!)
  • Feminist candidates for United Nations Secretary General
  • Favorite feminist resources: books, movies, blogs, etc.
  • Role of celebrities in promoting feminst issues
  • Gender, transportation, and urban planning
  • Making gender cool
  • Land and property rights

Next chat is Wednesday, October 19th!

#GenderHH Anniversary Chat: Sept 21

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#GenderHH* is back after our summer break and excited to celebrate our one year anniversary! It’s been one year (minus three months) of Gender Happy Hour Twitter chats! Woo hoo! We’re excited to have brought together a small but dedicated online genderhh community.


We will celebrate our anniversary by making it the theme of this month’s chat. Join us to look back at the year behind us and ahead at what we want to do at the year coming up.

Note that we’ve changed the date! It is actually the third Wednesday of this month -September 21 – and we will probably keep that up.


*GenderHH = Gender Happy Hour

#GenderHH is taking a Summer Vacation

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Hi all! Gender Happy Hour twitter chat is taking a summer vacation — at least for the month of June. We’ve got babies to be born, new jobs to start, and relaxation time to attend to. Maybe we’ll find some time to do some website upgrades and planning. Stay tuned for the next #GenderHH date. We’ll be back!

~ Lindsey and Sylvia